Terms & Conditions

mjoy Platform Applications

The mjoy Platform enables third-party developers ("Developers") to create sites and applications within mjoy's framework that retrieve data made available by mjoy and its users and/or that retrieve authorized data from third-party sites for use within mjoy ("Platform Applications")

Developers may use the mjoy Platform and create Platform Applications only in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth in an agreement entered into between mjoy and the Developer ("Developer Terms and Conditions"). Any such agreement with a Developer has to be consistent with the rules and regulations laid down in these Terms and Conditions. ALL USE OF THE MJOY PLATFORM IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Users who install Platform Applications must agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the Platform Application Terms and Conditions ('Platform Application Terms and Conditions') and in these Terms and Conditions. The Platform Application Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice, in the Company's sole discretion, so you should review these terms each time you install an application and from time to time. Developers may require you to agree to their own terms of service, privacy policies and/or other policies as a condition of using Platform Applications. Platform Applications have not been approved, endorsed, or reviewed in any manner by mjoy, and we are not responsible for your use of or inability to use any Platform Applications, including the content, accuracy, or reliability of such Application and the privacy practices or other policies of Developers. YOU USE SUCH PLATFORM APPLICATIONS AT YOUR OWN RISK.