Terms & Conditions

Special Notice for All Providers of Programs Allowing Access or Use of Mjoy

Any automated application, script, widget, program, bot, client, or similar that is used and made available in order to gain automated access to our Site and services must first be authorized by Company or it will be considered a breach of these Terms and Conditions and may lead to legal action against developer, provider and user. Providing, making available and/or selling such tools that allow access and use of mjoy or any of the features that form part of mjoy, or providing, making available and/or selling any tool that may limit mjoy user experience or limit mjoy's advertising or other commercial success, is a violation of this Agreement. Any third-party program, client, widget, script, bot, or product that allows users to access or use mjoy indirectly is in violation of our Terms and Conditions. We state explicitly that it is prohibited to sell, commercialise or make otherwise available to users tools, programs, scripts or similar that are designed to provide access to mjoy or to circumvent company's design of the use of the Site's features. Any third party selling products (such as scripts, widgets, applications) intended to allow access or use of mjoy or part thereof, or any third party that places advertising or commercialises likewise in the context of providing access to mjoy, will be considered in serious violation of these Terms and Conditions. Before you risk breaking this Agreement, ask for Company's agreement to your plans.